Learning and Teaching - Education in Faith


In our school community we embrace Christ’s teaching and aim to share and live the Gospel teachings. We nurture our students on their faith journey through their involvement in Religious Education lessons, liturgies and sacramental experiences. At St Anne’s we endeavour to practice the gospel values of respect, honesty, forgiveness and compassion and impart these in all our students.

Teaching and Learning of Religious Education.

Teachers follow the Religious Education Curriculum Framework when planning and implementing Religious Education lessons. They use contemporary teaching strategies to engage students. All students learn about the life of Jesus Christ, scripture, prayer, the Church and the Sacraments.


Sacraments are celebrated with the St Anne’s and St Gerard’s Parish community. Sacramental programs are organised and led with the help of the Parish Priest, Parish Secretary, classroom teachers and Religious Education Leader. Students prepare for and receive the sacrament of Reconciliation in Year 3, First Eucharist in Year 4 and Confirmation in Year 6.


We celebrate liturgies together in the form of whole school Masses and class Masses. All students attend Mass each Term. - Whole school Masses are celebrated for occasions such as the Beginning of Year Mass, Ash Wednesday, Feast of St Anne and End of Year Mass. - Each Thursday a class is responsible for leading a Class Mass in the chapel. This happens on a rotational basis between all classes. Each class will have at least two Class Masses a year and families are invited to attend. - Once a year levels come together to plan and celebrate a level Mass, which is celebrated with Level teachers and parents.