School Community - About our community

St Anne’s is a welcoming and vibrant community. We aim to build strong relationships between school, families, our Parish and our local community.

We value the participation of this wider community in the life of the school and most importantly, in its decision-making processes. Our School Education Board and Parents' Association make valuable and significant contributions to learning outcomes and assist us in providing enriching experiences for the children at St Anne’s.

St Anne’s appreciates the important role that families play in the education of each child.

St Anne’s School Education Board acts as a forum for discussion of matters concerning education in the school community. In a spirit of co-operation it brings together Parish Priest, Principal, parent representatives, teachers and other groups involved with education in the community so that responsible, informed advice can be provided to the Parish Priest and Principal.

St Anne’s Parents' Association is an enthusiastic and visible part of the school community and offers many opportunities for parents to gather and become involved in the life of the school. The Parents' Association assists in planning and organising functions associated with the social, cultural and educational life of the school community.